Band: Fractal Mirror

CD Title: Garden of Ghosts

Website: www.fractalmirror.net    

Label: Synergy Electronic Music/Third Contact (2014)



Wow…this is really impressive! From the opening Mellotron notes I was in love with the new Fractal Mirror disc entitled Garden of Ghosts. Fact is I liked their first disc released earlier this year, but Fractal Mirror have much to my delight made great strides in their compositional skills on this their second full-length CD. Here with just over an hours’ worth of music are eleven songs with three of them around eight minutes in length. That was one of the things I was hoping for with this new disc, that they would stretch out and write longer material to allow for more musical change-ups and they’ve done that even exceeding my hopes and dreams. When you combine songs with longer segments with the band’s ability to craft multiple catchy melodies you end up with a winner! I particularly enjoy listening to Leo Koperdraat’s vocals delivered in an almost dispassionate lower range similar to Kevin Ayers. That and the ever present Mellotron played in classic fashion. In fact there is much that is nostalgic in the music of Fractal Mirror. It’s a style that takes you back to the greats like Barclay James Harvest, Greenslade and the Moody Blues. Songs like “The Phoenix” [7:30] are just marvelous to behold, easily one of my favorites it captures so much of what I enjoy about this genre. The band has NAILED IT!  Even the shorter songs are imbued great melodies and plenty of symphonic prog embellishments.Garden of Ghosts was co-produced and mixed by Echolyn’s Brett Kull who also added some acoustic guitar and background vocals to the musical proceedings. Other contributors include Larry Fast, Don Fast on guitar and sitar, Jacque Varsalona, and Charlotte Koperdraat on background vocals, with a special appearance by the Echolyn choir. As I said at the outset, I loved everything about this disc: the music, the vocals, the production, everything. It’s one of those discs that I find myself gushing over, but hey, that’s just me. If you love melodic symphonic styled progressive rock I urge you to get this disc. It’s become one of my favorites.