Band: Flying Colors

CD Title: Second Nature

Website: http://flyingcolorsmusic.com

Label: Music Theories Recording (2014)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Without wanting to in any way disparage the talent of Flying Colors, here’s my first impressions of Second Nature: the first track, “Open Your Eyes” [12:24] sounds like a great Spock’s Beard styled song. Track two “Mask Machine” [6:07] sounds like a really good Muse song. Track three “Bombs Away” [5:02] sounds like an excellent Kansas song. So you get the picture, right? The sixty-six minutes of music on this disc is made up of any number of proggy reference points and it’s all tied together with some brilliant melodies creating a very pleasurable listening experience. The two longer songs that open and close the album address the grand, dramatic symphonic side, while the three shorter songs address accessibility of the masses and then the four mid-length songs straddle the fence for everyone. Flying Colors, is a band made up of talent from Dream Theater, Dixie Dregs and Spock’s Beard, and yet manage to create a musical amalgam that manages to sound distinctly their own. I put that down in large part to the wonderful vocals of Casey McPherson from the band Alpha Rev. He has great range and sounds so good, never over-reaching and yet full of passion. Fact is, regardless of the length or complexity of any individual tune, Flying Colors is full of talent and their instrumental virtuosity shines through, even when they avoid the obligatory solo grandstanding. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re performing a Pop/Rock tune, a bluesy number or a full-on symphonic prog song the talent comes through I think because the melodies and performance are so strong. To my ears, I can listen to talent like this all day long.