Band: Metallic Taste of Blood

CD Title: Doctoring the Dead

Website: www.rarenoiserecords.com/metallic-taste-of-blood-store

Label: RareNoiseRecords (2015)

Rating: Intriguing 1/5



There is something strangely fitting about the title of this album when you listen to the general sound of the music. It is dense, aggressive, harsh, angular and for wont of any other description, very metallic indeed. This is the second release from the quartet known as Metallic Taste of Blood and the eight instrumental compositions here all tend to give off an intensity that Iíve rarely experienced elsewhere. The compositions would be almost overwhelming if they didnít contain some intriguingly catchy melody lines and riffs. Thatís right, for all its dramatic bluster thereís actually some very captivating moments for people like me who donít normally listen to a lot of music like this. Letís call this a kind of ďgateway drugĒ for more adventurous music. Itís full of rhythmic intensity, buzzing guitar lines, growling and thundering bass, looped electronics all contrasted by some rather softly played lead guitar lines. Itís that curious contrast that I think makes this album so appealing. On its own the heavy stuff can become quite wearing, but when placed against or intersected by the cleaner guitar tones we experience a whole different kind of musical experience. Itís experimental thatís for sure. You get a sense these four musicians are really looking to work on the fringes of what might be termed rock. The instruments are correct for the rock genre but the music created doesnít seem quite right. Which to my mind is the kind of music that neatly falls into the Progressive Rock category. You may not end up humming any of these tunes but I think what your ears take in may just get your toes a tapping. Itís certainly not my usual listening material, but intriguing none-the-less. Recommended for those looking for something more oddly experimental while retaining a rock vibe.