Band: Dreaming Tree

CD Title: Silverfade

Website: www.thedreamingtree.co.uk

Label: Bombsite Productions (2015)

Rating: Good Effort 2/5



Silverfadeis the band’s fourth release including an EP and the promo material would have us believe the band is merging their proggy-ness with a little more aggression on this release. The CD boasts fourteen tracks of varying lengths although most are in the three, four or five minute range. This is actually my first listen to The Dreaming Tree so I can’t speak to the level of Prog on previous releases, but here it’s actually quite light, perhaps Art-Rock or maybe even Alt-Prog might be a better descriptive of the music created by this quintet. Stylistically they’re all over the map going from soft jazzy-flavoured tunes to more Rush inspired bits. Their music is peppered with staccato rhythm patters, plenty of starts and stops; many segments displaying a kind of herky-jerky feel and I liked that a lot. However I found the overall listen a bit disappointing. The CD starts off really strong with “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” [3:41] and then ends really well with two great tracks, the last of which is just under eight-minutes. I found many of the tunes in-between lacking. They either seemed to short or seemed to go no-where leaving me wanting more. Still there were moments in “Kosovo” [5:44] that were quite brilliant and “Zero to Type One” [7:39] was quite captivating which if nothing else left me wanting to hear more stuff like that. I’m keen to keep an eye on The Dreaming Tree, because I think they have the makings of a band that could really surprise us with some spectacular music, unfortunately Silverfade didn’t do it for me.