Band: Erth

CD Title: b

Website: www.facebook.com/erthband/  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


You know, I can count on one hand the number of progressive bands I know from Costa Rica and probably have a couple fingers left over. So it was somewhat exciting to listen to this quintet blast their way through some intricate and complex jazz influenced compositions. They go by the name Erth and the album is simply entitled ďbĒ and is the bandís first full length CD which follows up on two earlier EPs. These guys came together in 2010 and have been busy playing live as much as possible including a number of high profile festivals in Costa Rica. The CD consists of twelve tracks clocking in at fifty-five minutes. When it comes to describing the music Erth create, thatís where it gets a bit tricky. First let me say they donít really sound like anybody Ė and that I think is a good thing. These guys have taken their musical influences ranging from Prog to Metal, from Reggae to Funk and thrown it all together to create music that is really all over the map sound wise. Try to image a piece of music that starts off as something soft and middle of the road, full of melody but then morphs into a bright upbeat jazzy double-time piece which then changes yet again to something more on the fusion side of the prog musical spectrum. If you can imagine that, then you will just about have the beginnings of understanding Erthís musical approach. Most of these songs are well under five minutes in length and yet they all tend to bristle with musicality. The length of the song has nothing to do with how much they like to play and itís that love of performance that literally explodes out of these songs. Two things come to mind while listening; one is these guys love to play and they specifically love to play in a jazzy, fusion style which influences all their music in some way and two, they donít move too far off the rock foundation for much of their music. Itís the combination of these two things that make the music of Erth, for all itís strange and varied nature, so appealing to me. They never lose their way. This is without question some of the most unique music Iíve heard in a long time and I really fell in love with it. Great job and certainly recommended to Prog fans who like some experimentation in their music.