Band: Elephants of Scotland

CD Title: The Perfect Map

Website: www.elephantsofscotland.com

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


I have to say this was a delightful surprise. Vermont based Elephants of Scotland for me press all the right buttons when it comes to the Progressive Rock I like to listen to. Without overstating influences or sonic reference points they are a great mix of Echolyn and Glass Hammer and probably a number of others. Predominantly a major-chord prog band they inject just the right amount of minor-chord expectation to make their major-chord resolutions sound all that much more pleasing. Formed in 2010, The Perfect Map is their third studio recording and features seven compositions ranging in length from a mere two-minutes to the longest at over nine-minutes. What appealed to me upon my early listening was the distinctly “English” feel the band incorporates into their music; sometimes it’s in the lyrics and sometimes it’s in the instrumentation, but there are moments where they project a very medieval sound. Like any great prog band worth their “salt” these boys don’t leave all their musical gymnastics for the longer songs, even in those shorter compositions they display a variety of musical change-ups that keep their musical approach appealing. I really liked the sound created by Elephants of Scotland. Their musical approach is both reflective of many elements of prog that I like, but then they easily put their own modern spin on those sounds. To my ears The Perfect Map was both refreshingly new and pleasantly familiar. So as you can imagine I’m going to highly recommend you check the Elephants of Scotland and make The Perfect Map part of your next purchase. This is a band that deserves to get a lot more attention.