Band: Esther

CD Title: Overthrone

Website: www.estherband.uk  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5


This is the debut EP-CD for Esther a band made up of former Audioshock members and while some may question the prog credentials, my ears hear plenty of proggy elements, enough to warrant talking about it here. It’s a pretty speedy listen, five tracks at just twenty-one minutes; the longest and most heavily orchestrated track “Our Boats Will Moor Up Again” [5:50] is just under six minutes and displays a very modern proggy vibe that may remind some of the band Mew. These are pretty catchy tunes full of shifting time and tempo, grand crashing musical crescendos even going so far as to include some intriguing call-and-response melodic lines. Musically it’s very upbeat and yet there is a dark under-tone present that makes for an edgy sound. At times they sound like a heavier, more intense synth-laden Polyphonic Spree. The music assaults you with a kind of massive wave of music; Esther’s sound is dense and grand. Speaking of which synths play a large part in the band’s overall sound giving off a very contemporary vibe but without sounding electronica. In the interests of full disclosure there are times where they combine their grand anthemic sound with a very danceable rhythm foundation as in the song “Phosphenes” [4:09], but I never found this to be overly distracting but rather just displaying another side to this rather intriguing band. I liked their sound; it blended a couple of musical genres together and then mixed it up quite a bit. Not afraid to inject their own take on proggy embellishments, I look forward to hearing more from Esther in the future.