Band: Evership

CD Title: Evership

Website: www.evership.com  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Brilliant 5/5


Itís become almost a bit of clichť how musical inspiration canít be contained. It needs to be expressed and that inspiration will fight for its expression. Such was the experience with Nashville based composer and multi-instrumentalist Shane Atkinson. The music on display here is music thatís been rattling around in his cranium for the better part of ten or twenty years. Let me say here off the top I for one am so pleased heís finally put it out for us to hear. This is brilliant stuff. Clocking in at just under sixty-minutes these are six mostly longer, multi-part compositions that exude a symphonic prog vibe on so many levels. The music itself gives off a classic AmeriProg sound that reflects the very best of bands like Kansas and Styx at their proggy best. And yet Evership doesnít actually sound like those bands at all, itís just that they manage to project a more North American Prog influence than a British one. Being multi-part sagas we look to how they transition from one section to another and here itís masterfully handled; subtle when required and dramatic when needed. The compositions themselves are grand and epic in nature with huge swells of music, lushly orchestrated and at times anthemic with dramatic sweeping endings. Each tune features great vintage synth lead lines, organ runs and powerful soaring guitar lead lines. Atkinsonís compositional style hits the right chords with me in the way in which he captures a great melody line and them massages it into the song, repeating it just enough to make you want more. Nothing is overused; instead everything retains newness, a freshness that makes the composition come alive over and over again. The addition of actual full choirs lends richness and depth to the music and takes it to yet another level. There is no way I could ever pick a favorite track, theyíre all fantastic and I donít mind telling you, emotionally moving. I donít hand out too many 5-out-of-5 ratings, but Evership is just about everything a symphonic prog album should be. Absolutely wonderful and I canít recommend it enough. If youíre a fan of symphonic prog you must check out Evership.