Band: Frost*

CD Title: Falling Satellites

Website: http://frost.life/

Label: InsideOut Records (2016)

Rating: Brilliant 5/5


This is studio album number three for Gem Godfrey’s Frost* and it’s entitled Falling Satellites. Not counting two bonus tracks we have about fifty-five minutes of music here, six tracks including one falling under the title “Sunlight” that is made up of six “songs” clocking in at just over thirty-three minutes. Wow! Now if you are familiar with Frost*s musical approach you’ll find this album familiar territory but like any band with a distinctive sound, that’s what I look for. I hate it when a band just tries to sound different for the sake of sounding different. What IS different here is the band’s different sounds and their approach to writing songs that retain a distinctly Frost* feel. I will say this is a contemporary sounding record based on instrument sounds and production techniques and I do love that aspect of it. To my ears this album when compared to the first two, does seem to work harder at incorporating rock and pop melody lines. Many of these songs, or at least parts of them sound radio friendly. It’s when you put it all together that there’s no denying this is a standout Progressive Rock album. All the hallmarks are present from the powerful keyboard and guitar lines to the busy note-laden manner in which these songs get so wound-up. There is always such a flurry of musical notation in Frost* music and it’s that busy performance style set against amazing melodies and dramatic swells of orchestration that I love so much. Some will ask is this album better or worse that the other two and for that I have no answer – I love them all. From the powerful melody lines in songs like “Signs” [6:36] or “Heartstrings” [6:20] to the exotic spaciness of tunes like “First Day” [1:37] or “Hypoventilate” [2:00] there is so much wonderful music here that is constantly changing and shifting in time, tone and structure. What more can I say, it’s brilliant stuff and comes with my highest recommendation.