Band: Djam Karet

CD Title: Sonic Celluloid

Website: www.djamkaret.com  

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



This is album number eighteen for the instrumental Prog outfit formed back in 1984 known as Djam Karet. I took the opportunity to have my first listen to this disc, uninterrupted, on a trip in the car and I was struck by how dreamy and melodically moving the music was. Oh sure there are a few searing guitar solos, but there’s much more of everything else including lots of organic sounds that are punctuated by synthesizer runs and Mellotron chords. Electronic Tangerine Dream-ish riffs intermingle with acoustic guitar riffs that repeat and build while interspersed with Hammond organ runs. I have often referenced bands that create instrumental music and have a knack for creating images in my head, like mini movies or scenes from movies and given the title of this release Sonic Celluloid that was actually the stated purpose for this music. Hence the incorporation of worldly sounds like water and machines. This is music that for the most part isn’t meant to “blow you away” with volume but rather draw you into a world where images are created by the layers of instrumentation. Some songs convey a pleasant, drifting major vibe, others incorporate minor tones to build a hesitation or anxiety. It’s all about moods and atmospheres and it’s a side of Djam Karet I’ve not heard a lot of in the past and I gotta tell you, I like it. I like it a lot. This is music you can listen to over and over again and every time the music summons up something different in the mind. These guys certainly have not lost their touch when it comes to making great music. Album number eighteen is a winner in my books. Highly recommended.