Band: Errant Shadow

CD Title: Errant Shadow

Website: www.errantshadow.com  

Label: Ænima Records (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



The Progressive Rock genre is no stranger to concept albums and here is another disc we can add to the ever expanding list. If I might borrow from the band’s news release; Errant Shadow is the brainchild of Seren Rosso and is developed through incredible musicians as Nalle Påhlsson (Therion), Kevin Zwierzchaczewski (Lord Byron), Mattia Garimanno (Il Castello di Atlante), Emanuele Bodo (Madiem), Davide Cristofoli (Highlord), Isa García Navas (ex-Therion). As such this fifty minute run through time and space features some very nice sounds which are not as heavy as you might think. Most of these ten compositions come in around four-minutes with only the two closing tracks stretching that to seven and eight respectively. This album has also been labeled a “gothic rock opera” I guess because there are so many voices all contributing to the story with repeating parts. Musically its relatively straight forward, avoiding any real complexity and instead focusing on the many melodies. The songs and yes each of the ten is a song of some sort that propels the story-line. Any shifts in time and tempo are quite reserved and subtle. Hence each of the songs displays a very mainstream feel with any instrument solos and musical change-ups reserved for the bridge or middle eight sections. Still that’s not intended as a slight, it is what it is. Beyond the many pleasant melodies there were other things I liked about Errant Shadow’s style and when listened to the album in its entirety there is a nice vibe created mixing acoustic, electric and symphonic sounds. Male and female vocals trade parts along the way adding to the overall variety. There are many similarities between the music on display here and the many female fronted heavy symphonic bands around today, although Errant Shadow doesn’t necessarily fall so easily into the Prog metal category. I’m intrigued enough to hear more so should your musical passion lead you to music that is not overly complex with an emphasis on symphonic heavy-ness this is a disc I recommend you would do well to check out.