Band: Echo Us

CD Title: To Wake a Dream in Moving Water

Website:  www.echous.net  

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Mike Oldfield fans should take note



This is an album that will hold a lot of interest to Mike Oldfield fans for a couple of reasons, one is itís overt Celtic theme, something Oldfield often turned to and two the tone and playing style of Ethan Matthews guitar work. That said, thereís more than a few unique qualities Matthews brings to his music on To Wake a Dream in Moving Water. But I wanted to set the general tone with those comments because thereís no mistaking the inspiration at work here. And I mean that in a very good way. This album captivated my attention from the moment I put it on to the end. Sixty-three minutes of music wrapped around eight compositions, two of which are about fifteen minutes long and the others anywhere from four to seven and itís mostly instrumental. Now you know how some albums will be described as Celtic and yet you might struggle to hear that style? Thatís not the case here in that the Celtic influence is pervasive and again thatís one of the things I loved about the disc. It exudes that Celtic feel in the guitar performance style, the type of percussion used, the feeling of synth flutes, the hand-claps, everything. And yetÖand yetÖitís all put together in a powerful Progressive Rock approach that Iím sure will please a wide range of prog fans from Folk to even symphonic because Matthews injects, at just the right moments some powerful synth chords that send shivers up your spine. This is definitely an album Iíll find myself putting on time and time again and never tire of in its musical approach. So for all the reasons above Iím giving this album a solid recommendation.