Band: Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal

CD Title: Another World

Website: http://colinedwin.blogspot.ca/

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Musical adventures for experimental folks


Its become quite fashionable to “team-up” to produce music these days. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In this pairing I think it works quite well. Here we have two accomplished musicians, bassist Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree fame and Estonian experimental guitarist Robert Jurjendal, who together have crafted some highly adventurous music on a release entitled Another World. Add to the duo some experimental trumpet work and you end up with some inventive sonic outbursts. At just over fifty minutes these nine instrumental compositions reflect more of an experimental jazzy feel than they display any kind of rock foundation. All but two of these tunes are between five and six minutes long and the sound style produced is moody, atmospheric, perhaps even a bit spacey and haunting. Being instrumentals the song-craft avoids what might be called “conventional” composition, instead these are sound-scapes that start in one fashion and then evolve into something else and then often, something else again. Sometimes the music is dark and dramatic and other times it can be quite light and breezy then sometimes a natural combination of both feelings. Fans of adventurous sound-making infused with layers of melodies and counterpoint will definitely want to check out this disc. Recommended for music fans who like to live on the adventurous side of things.