Band: Dam Kat

CD Title: Alawn

Band Website: www.damkat.fr

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Moody Prog influenced music with great appeal


This is the third CD release for multi-instrumentalist Dam Kat and it’s entitled Alawn. Based in Brittany, the music of Dam Kat is richly textured with Celtic feels and is layered in moody atmospherics and breathy vocals. The signature sound more often than not will be layers of powerful bass synth/vocal sounds propelling the music forward which is then supported by a variety of Celtic pipe and flute sounds. If I might borrow a brief description from her email to me, these are, new songs inspired by alternative, prog rock & doom metal & Celtic moods, but that really just hints at the wonderful music created here. I’m reminded stylistically of the musical approach of artists such as Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. I get the feeling Dam Kat could write a simple pop tune with some amazing melodies but she’d rather take those pop melodies and create something a little more arty and complex. That sounds great to me. To my ears that “doom-metal” descriptive comes across as a kind of Gothic influence as there is a haunting tone that pervades this album going so far as surfacing with some rather creepy and aggressive vocal stylings in a couple songs. Yet on the other hand her vocals can sound so sweet. It’s an intriguing mix of moods and some amazing rocking riffs. So take all of those musical elements and add to them a sweeping symphonic approach created from layers of keyboards that shows up from time to time in a few of the songs and you get a sense what’s happening here. This is prog influenced music that will have wide appeal. Fans of artists such as Peter Gabriel or bands such as early Mostly Autumn will find much to enjoy with the music of Dam Kat. If that’s you, I urge you to check out Alawn.