Band: Downriver Dead Men Go

CD Title: Departures

Website: www.downriver.nl    

Label: Freia Music (2018)

Rating: Low-Fi, Downbeat Prog with a lot to offer


Netherlands based quintet Downriver Dead Men Go are back with new CD entitled Departures. These guys have a very unique sound that they continue to label as Post-rock. The mood is very Low-Fi, ambient, downbeat and plodding and I mean this is a positive descriptive way. Each of the nine compositions tends to start out soft and gentle, with instruments layered in as the song progresses at which point the music ebbs and flows in waves of musical crescendos and atmospheric spaciousness. They’ve taken these key elements from their first release and developed them further here on Departures. As before there is a pervading sense of melancholy or moodiness as all of these compositions tend to be slow to mid-tempo affairs that suck you into a haunting world of dreams. Every-so-often the music bursts forth from the speakers in a grand manner with loud crashing guitars and keyboards, but these moments are clearly just for accents because before long the song resolves into the band’s signature introspective and atmospheric approach. I came away with the feeling that every single note meant something or was intended to have some impact. The quietest piano or lone guitar pick were all crafted to add a little something to the song because no sounds here are just there as filler. Fans of mid—period Pink Floyd will find much to enjoy with the music of Downriver Dead Men Go but the music on Departures has a lot to offer any prog fan open to new sounds.