Band: The Fierce and the Dead

CD Title: The Euphoric

Website: www.fierceandthedead.com

Label: Bad Elephant Music (2018)

Rating: Rough and Ready Alt-Prog with lots to say


This is the third studio album for The Fierce and the Dead and its entitled The Euphoric. Once again the band sticks to a set of shorter tunes with only two running over the six minute mark. Their signature sound is one that tends to defy Pidgeon-holing which I think some bands really like. Still from a sonic description this is some powerful twin-guitar Alt-Prog with more than a little crunchy edge to it. The promo material talks about how there’s a little more of psychedelic feel with a few more keyboard sounds and all that is certainly evident. It’s something you might expect from a band like The Fierce and The Dead where they are constantly trying new sounds, especially given that they perform instrumentals. This is all about the music. Sometimes the sound is a bit Grungy, sometimes I think I hear a bit of Wishbone Ash but more than anything it’s guitar focused instrumental rock with plenty of proggy embellishments or attitude. If you’ve been following the band, you’ll remember they tend to have a couple songs that are simply titled “Parts” and that continues here with the longest tune on the disc being “Parts 7 & 8” [6:47]. It’s worth repeating that this music is bold and brash with big powerful explosions of guitar chords laced throughout. These big moments are wisely offset with the obligatory melodic and rhythmic segments and I might add, some highly infectious riffing that runs the sonic gamut. The band takes each tune and works it, wringing out every possible tuneful opportunity. It sounds fresh and dynamic like it’s coming right off the floor with little or no overdubs. These guys are getting better with each release so this is a rather easy recommendation once again for fans of harder-edged prog.