Band: Frequency Drift

CD Title: Letters to Maro

Website: www.frequencydrift.com 

Label: Gentle Art of Music (2018)

Rating: Stunning! One of the BEST Symphonic Prog releases in 2018!


They call their compositions Cinematic Music and that is an apt description.Letters to Maro is the FANTASTIC new Symphonic Prog release from Germanyís Frequency Drift. At sixty-minutes, these eleven compositions display instruments sounds, musical arrangements and a lyrical vocal flair that Iíve rarely heard crafted so well together. These tunes range from three to nine minutes in length but their musical structures, instrumentation and arrangements open them up to more expansive appreciation. The beginnings, middles and endings are all over the place making each listen exciting and new as traditional compositional patterns are thrown out the window. Instrument sounds are like-wise varied and unique as keyboards summon up horn, string, reed and even harp sounds. Then just to intrigue you things can get a little electronic as well. The music is symphonically arranged and is grand and panoramic in all the right spots. Frequency Drift are skilled at inserting these wonderfully dramatic suspended chords that build and build creating tension that is then resolved in more pastoral fashion, perhaps with a flute solo or cello and piano. I say it again Ė itís fantastic stuff. Now what ties this all together is their amazing new vocalist Irini Alexia. The way she holds her notes and incorporates interesting lyrical lines we hear her literally gliding over the music propelling it in many different directions and all of them pleasing. She has a languid, melancholy style that incorporates just a hint of Celtic feels and it blends beautifully with the music being performed. I donít say this very often, but this is simply a STUNNING release and easily one of the BEST symphonic Prog releases of 2018. I canít recommend it highly enough! You must check them out!.