Band: Evership

CD Title: Evership II

Website: www.evership.com  

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Brilliant, yet again! It’s on my 2018 favorite’s list.


This is the sophomore release for the Nashville; Tennessee based Prog-combo known as Evership. Bearing cover artwork that visually picks up where the first album’s artwork left off this second release is entitled Evership II and features sixty-minutes of music. This time around we get five individual compositions including the closing six-part epic “Isle of the Broken Tree” that clocks in at just under thirty-minutes. As before Evership II is the brainchild of writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Shane Atkinson although this is far from a solo effort as he pulls in over a dozen other vocalists and musicians to help execute his musical vision. As I said regarding the band’s first release, this is classic AmeriProg that reflects the very best of bands like Kansas and Styx when they strived to be their proggy best. I wrote a detailed commentary defining Ameriprog elsewhere on this site so there’s no need to expand on that here. Suffice to say the music of Evership will appeal to fans of powerful and dynamic symphonic Progressive Rock. This is music made up of a never ending array of musical segments and stylistic passages: it “rocks” when it needs to, and “rolls” to convey that emotional contrast and it never gets boring! Dramatic and bold one moment we descend into intense instrumental riffing the next creating a musical flow that builds and builds in crescendo like fashion before exploding into grand and panoramic musical climaxes making for some thrilling musical roller-coaster rides. Every song adds something new to the whole. The instrumental mix is spot-on: acoustic guitars in the right place, electric guitars for emphasis, bass and drums providing the solid and yet ever-changing rhythmic foundation and then, keyboards everywhere. This is some of the finest symphonic Ameriprog I’ve heard in a good while and will certainly end up as one of my favorites of 2018. Recommended.