Band: Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

CD Title: Guilty of Innocence

Website:  https://joedeninzonstratospheerius.bandcamp.com

Label: Melodic Revolution Records (2018)

Rating: Well Played, Well Produced, But a Little Too Mainstream



As Monty Python would say: “…and now for something completely different.” This is a somewhat different take on the prog genre that reminds me of bands like Crack the Sky, where that main thrust of the compositions is very clearly rock based. What then happens to the music is that it’s twisted and and manipulated, incorporating elements of proggy styled influences. Everything here is shorter, three to five minutes, and song based, all that is except for the album’s closing song which comes in at just under thirteen minutes. There are two things that sort of grudgingly shove this album in a proggy direction: one is the band’s quirky, herky, jerky compositional approach to their tunes and two is the incorporation of Joe Deninzon’s electric violin which he wields with guitar-like abandon. There are moments where I was reminded of Eddie Jobson and in fact others have called him the “Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin.” So this is probably not the album to check out if you are looking for long and involved symphonic-prog instrumental virtuosity. Rather if you are looking for rock-heavy-prog that hints of Kansas, Rush and Styx, with shorter bridge-like instrumental segments, well, this might well be music for your collection. It didn’t do much for me however, just not my cup of tea these days. Well played, well produced but just a little too mainstream for my tastes.