Band: Electric Mud

CD Title: The Deconstruction of Light

Website:  https://electricmud.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Some Very Cool New Sounds!



First off it’s worth noting this is NOT the seventies era German band that went by the name Electric Mud. No, this is a new German band, a trio in fact based in Hannover whose musical style has evolved from straight forward blues-rock, into something more akin to early Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and now to this new album that displays their own brand of heavy Progressive Rock with definite blues and symphonic elements. The Deconstruction of Light is fifty-two minutes long split into seven instrumental compositions, three of which are over eleven minutes and the other four about four. The bass guitar often plays the prominent role in setting the tone for each piece delivering some powerful, fuzz-laced lines or dramatic bottom end bombastic accents. This is often highlighted by some crafty “Peter Gunn” or “Smoke on the Water” styled riffing. What struck me as I listened multiple times to the music, is what great instrumental craftsmen these guys are, and also how gifted they are at musical composition and arrangements. This is so much more than just a heavy rock or heavy prog album, there are many delicate moments of sheer beauty performed with passion and yet restraint. All this musical contrast of course makes both aspects of the music that much more poignant. Especially in the longer songs where we experience music that is made up of multiple segments that are beautifully stitched together creating a kind of cinematic feel. The band list musical influences as disparate as Camel and Pink Floyd but also Sigur Ros and certainly they’ve taken those influences and put their own twist on them. I really enjoyed Electric Mud’s take on the prog genre. They give off elements that are familiar to the ear but then juxtapose those with musical elements you might not be expecting.The Deconstruction of Light is very cool stuff indeed.