Band: 41Point9

CD Title: Mr. Astute Trousers

Band Website: www.facebook.com/41POINT9

Label: Highlander Records (2018)

Rating: Must Have for Melodic Prog Fans


Well itís been a bit of wait. Itís been about seven years since the release of their last album but at last the oddly named 41Point9 are back with the release of the equally oddly named Mr. Astute Trousers. Much has happened over the intervening years as the band today is now essentially Bob Madsen and Brian Cline not that that matters with the technology available these days. This new album is a full sixty-two minutes of music made up of eleven compositions all around the five or six minute range with a couple longer and a couple a little shorter. 41Point9 make no bones about how they craft their tunes, stating they write songs with a ďvibrant pop mentalityĒ and then proceed to mold and develop the song until itís completed. What you get then are songs that bear many prog embellishments, such as long introductions, layers of keyboard orchestrations and songs that evolve through any number of musical change-ups. Lush symphonic strings might be buttressed against crunchy guitar chords or brief solo performances will be interjected into electronica sonic landscapes.  The music of 41Point9 is going to appeal to fans of Spockís Beard, Toto and Kansas among others. The music is melodic at times, itís grand and majestic at times, and of course it can be pensive and introspective at other times. Thereís a little something for every taste, and ití sounds really great; smooth and very polished, well played and well produced. If you enjoy melodic prog Iíd say this is a must have. Check it out.