Band: Forgas Band Phenomena

CD Title: The Electric Ear

Website: www.facebook.com/ForgasBP 

Label: Cuneiform Records (2018)

Rating: Another Winning Disc of Superb Jazz-Rock Fusion


Itís perhaps become a bit of clichť to say it, but, the Canterbury prog style continues to be kept alive by bands such as Forgas Band Phenomenon. The Electric Ear, Iím using the English title, is the French bandís fifth studio album and features a total of just under and hoursí worth of music composed in five tracks, all pretty much around ten-minutes each. As on previous releases the blending of the Jazz- inclined instrumentation and performance style is intertwined superbly with a Rock sensibility all coming together to please the ear of fans of either musical style. Some of the tunes lean more one way or the other but the net result is a winning combination regardless on which style you lean more toward. Lovers of either Jazz or Rock usually need wait only a few bars before hearing something familiar that ties it all together. Being instrumental thereís plenty of room in each track for ample solo spots and it seems every instrument gets a chance to shine. I have to say one of the things that keeps me coming back to the music of Forgas Band Phenomena is how they are able to play on both sides of the Jazz-Rock fence without getting lost in the weeds. Obviously fans of the Canterbury or Jazz Fusion side of Prog will be all over this release. Itís really good. But if you are more of a fan of Symphonic Prog I will say thereís a lot here that you too may enjoy. The Electric Ear is a wonderful disc to listen to, too broaden your musical appreciation. Check it out, I think youíll like it.