Band: DarWin

CD Title: Origin of Species

Website:  http://www.darwin.is

Label:  Independent Release (2019)

Rating:  Grand Concept Set to Mainstream Music



DarWin is a musical project that came together in 2018 featuring a host of musical performers.Origin of Species is rightly described as a fantasy-sci-fi concept album that focuses on two hot topics: climate change and the destruction of the planet all told through short spoken word segments injected between the albumís seventeen compositions. These tunes range anywhere from 3:22 to 7:24 and for the most part they are all song based compositions some with more prog embellishments and some not so much. There is no denying the talent on display here and yet I found it hard to call this a proper Prog album. Donít get me wrong thereís plenty of great musicianship and the production is top-notch both in terms of the music and the physical package itís just that the main thrust of the music tends to fall more in the mainstream hard rock style. This to my ear tended to detract or diminish any prog elements. There are some nice dynamic parts where acoustic instruments come to the fore, as well some pleasant orchestral arrangements but there is no denying where the musical heart of DarWin lies. The musical concept is quite grand but in the end the music tends to be not overly adventurous. Fans of mainstream bands such as Journey, Foreigner, Rainbow who really focus on the hard rock genre with touches of Progressive Rock influences will likely be the prime targets for Origin of Species.