Band: Hope to Find

CD Title: Our Story About You

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Label: Mireille Music

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Release Date: 2014


This is the first official CD release from Turkish band Hope to Find and it’s a follow-up to their EP of a few years back. That EP certainly hinted at something good and Our Story About You doesn’t disappoint. The band has had a bit of personnel shuffle now made up of original members Zafer Yuksel (guitars, vocals), Alper Dagalp (keyboards, accordion, backing vocals), and newcomers Mert Erdem (vocals), Koray Ergunay (bass) and Yavuz Sozkan (drums, backing vocals). Hope to Find’s musical style remains on the heavier side of the Prog genre but as before they manage to inject more than a little musical contrasts.


Our Story About You is a tidy ten tracks of forty-five minutes of music that starts off with “Exile” [3:00] a throbbing electronic loop and guitar riffs of sound that grows and builds in intensity creating all kind of expectation but in the end chooses not to resolve itself but rather simply set the tone for “Suddenly” [5:20] where grand chords lead into a wonderful little accordion solo melody line before taking a heavier guitar approach. The tune is mid-paced and bounces back and forth between moody and heavy segments. It’s nice to see that the band have not left their softer, jazzier influences outside the studio as “Gently Broken” [6:14] shows the band in their jazzy combo finest demonstrating the band’s versatility. They can play the heavy stuff, of course but they have more talent to put against softer genre influences as well. So while the song picks up a heavy energy it’s not without some great musical contrasts. Richly orchestrated with layers of keyboards this track is a fine example of the diversity of Hope to Find. Later in the album we hear everything from music box melodies to classical acoustic guitar to rocking guitar riffs with the whole affair ending with “Alienation” [9:50] a grand anthemic composition that goes through multiple song segments with a bunch of musical change-ups.


I thought their initial EP was a pretty polished affair and here on Our Story About You the band have shown they’re more than capable of building on their strengths and adding some new elements to grow their musical pallet. This is a great set of tunes, it’s varied, it’s dynamic and not only compositionally well-crafted but well played. I would heartily recommend Hope to Find to fans of both Progressive Metal and heavy Symphonic Prog as they hit all the right notes. Great stuff.