Band: Iluvatar

CD Title: From the Silence

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Label: 10T Records

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Release Date: 2014


Wow, it’s been about fourteen years since the last Iluvatar release, but they’re back and sounding better than ever with this their fourth studio album entitled appropriately From the Silence! Made up of long-time members, Glenn McLaughlin (vocals, percussion), Dennis Mullin (guitars), Jim Rezek (keyboards), Dean Morekas (bass, bass pedals, backing vocals), and Chris Mack (drums, percussion), the music crafted here will be familiar to fans of the band’s earlier work. For the uninitiated this is inventive modern, melodic symphonic progressive rock.


Counting the :52 second opening track there are eleven compositions on From the Silence that time out from the shortest at 3:19 to the longest at 7:55. First and foremost these are compositions built around solid melodic songs that are then embellished, stretched, shaped, pushed and pulled in a very natural and organic manner to create something greater. The album is replete with moving musical segments displaying nothing short of epic grandeur. Iluvatar came to prominence in the early nineties and proved themselves extremely adept musically as they mastered the melodic mood of the day and certainly they’ve carried that musical approach forward with them. While these songs ebb and flow between loud and soft and fast and slow they hang together extremely well. This is classic symphonic prog influenced by bands such as mid-period Genesis and early Marillion. Long intricate openings that build to moving climaxes; layers of great keyboards sounds; wonderful guitar and keyboard interplay; frequent starts and stops; it’s all here for the listening. This is really good stuff and I can’t help but love it!


Fans of modern symphonic prog from Spock’s Beard or Glass Hammer will really appreciate and enjoy the music of Iluvatar. It’s hard to believe there was such a long gap from 1999’s Story Two Days Wide but it’s evident the band haven’t lost their touch. In fact, I’d say they’ve created some of their most mature and accomplished compositions on From the Silence. No question…Recommended, without hesitation.