Band: IWKC

CD Title: Evil Bear Boris

Website: www.iwkc.ru

Label: Long Arm Records (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



IWKC stands for I Will Kill Chita a phrase that humorously refers to tensions in the band’s past. Based in Russia the band came together in 2008 and this is their third album. While I use the term “band” it’s more like an orchestra for while the origins of IWKC revolved around the musical endeavors of the Samarin brothers, today there are ten members not counting the choir! These five essentially instrumental compositions feature not only the usual guitars, bass, drums and keyboards; you can expect to hear a lot of violins, cellos, saxophones, French horns and tubas. In some ways given the twin cellos at work this is a very serious sounding early Electric Light Orchestra sound. And I like it, especially the changing musical melodies and dramatic shifts in structure exhibited in the epic length opening track “Point of no Return” [23:05]. The sound is very symphonic at times, orchestrated and quite busy, but there’s another aspect to the music that can’t be missed and that’s a sharp, jazzy avant-garde feel that becomes quite pronounced on the closing tracks. Coming from a chaotic post-punk band the Samarin brothers allow themselves some free-thinking time to exorcise some musical demons in tracks that are quite experimental. So it’s a very fascinating disc that fans of both musical spectrums, melodic and experimental might find interesting. Check it out…Recommended.