Band: The ID

CD Title: The Masque

Website: http://www.theid.xyz/

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


For whatever reason, Iíd never heard of the band The ID and yet here we are with studio outing number three, all released since 2015. As a band, itís become quite accepted to live wherever you like and still be a part of a musical outfit and thatís certainly the case here with members residing in Canada, the UK, Japan and the United States. Music is shuffled around on FTP sites and everyone has the opportunity to perform their parts. Itís works amazingly well. The music on The Masque is a modern melodic, symphonic progressive rock that hearkens back to the prog revival of the mid-eighties. It essentially takes its cues from bands of that era and builds upon those foundations. I like it a lot. In fact Iíd say I have a ďsoft-spotĒ for the music of that time and these thirteen compositions cover all the musical hallmarks and donít disappoint in any way. Itís a whopping eighty-three minutes of music on display with most of the material seven minutes or longer. What this means of course is that we expect to hear songs that start off with lovely long introductions that then evolve into the song proper but then build to a certain intensity before subsiding and then moving in a different melodic direction in an extended bridge segment before then coming in for the big finish. Now itís not quite that formulaic, but thatís the general idea. Songs are composed of multiple melodic segments that are all embellished with wall-of-sound keyboard orchestration and yet there remains an airy, openness in play. You can hear the bass, the guitar riff, the bass pedals, the Mellotron styled strings. Itís all lovingly on display. Arpeggios and repeated riffs abound. I love it. The music of The ID will have instant appeal to fans of bands such as IQ, early Pendragon and mid-period Genesis. You know who you are. I think this is great stuff and I highly recommend it to symphonic prog fans everywhere.