Band: Greyfeather

CD Title: Greyfeather

Website: www.cdbaby.com/cd/greyfeather

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



By way of introduction let me quote the email I received: GREYFEATHER is a new prog rock collaboration comprising: Brian Coralin of IZZ (drums), Kevin Jarvis of Farpoint (acoustic guitar, vocals), Steve Katsikas of Little Atlas (vocals, keyboards), Dennis Mullin of Iluvatar (electric guitar) and Wade Summerlin of Cobweb Strange (bass, vocals). To set the stage, all of this started with some conversations a few years back and then with the ability to shuttle music electronically over the internet everyone was able to contribute their input to accomplish the whole. Coming in at thirty-seven minutes these eight compositions display a smooth, melodic Prog vibe with the emphasis on the song rather than focusing on musical complexity. In fact most of these tunes are in the three to five minute range and have much in common with bands like Barclay James Harvest, where the song may have started out in a traditional pattern of verse/chorus, but is then embellished with long intros or extended bridges all of which gives the songs a very different feel. Sound wise, the electric guitar is quite prominent in many of these songs, with ample soloing going on but there is also a definite acoustic feel that runs throughout. I wouldn’t say the music relies much on a folk influence but there is certainly an acoustic roots feel present. When its all said and done this is a very satisfying listening experience. Not overly aggressive, yet with just enough crunch to provide an edge. It’s great to see ideas come to fruition. Some excellent musical ideas from a group of very accomplished players. Greyfeather is certainly worth checking out.