Band: Golden Caves

CD Title: Collision

Website: www.goldencaves.com  

Label: FREIA Music Release (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is the first full-length CD release for the Dutch quintet of three guys and two girls that formed in 2013 while all members were attending Art College. As such Collision is a very modern take on the Progressive Rock genre, sounding very fresh and contemporary in both sound and performance. Consisting of nine songs clocking in at a vinyl sized forty-four minutes everything here is all around five minutes in length so while there are plenty of musical change-ups, this is prog built around the traditional song structure and then embellished with all manner of proggy elements. For example a song may consist of two contrasting-musical-themes or there may be a long intro that repeats at some other point in the song but not in the melody. Now while the songs may give off a mainstream vibe there is plenty to appreciate for the prog fan as these tunes are arranged with layers of different instrumental textures all creating a kind of complexity that floats under the surface. It’s worth pointing out that when it comes to writing songs Golden Caves does have a knack for doing so having even won the Best Track of the Year at the Rotterdam Music awards in 2016 for their song “Bring Me To The Water” [5:02] so they’ve got that going for them. And that’s not a bad thing. In between recording in the studio, the band makes every effort to be on the road, so they’re serious about their music and that’s good to see. This is without question a very satisfying listen and one that will appeal to fans of more mainstream melodic prog like Barclay James Harvest and Muse. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.