Band: Kris Gietkowski

CD Title: Songs from the first LP by EGG

Website: www.fruitsdemerrecords.com    

Label: Fruits de Mer Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



We’ve come to expect the unusual from the Fruits de Mer record label and they rarely disappoint. With their emphasis on making it all vinyl I was pleased to receive a promo copy of Kris Gietkowski’s Songs from the First Album by EGG. Gietkowski hails from Poland and this is pretty much a one-man-band on display here and his love of EGG’s Canterbury sound is on full display as he recreates the entire thirty-three minutes of music from the band’s first recording and it’s an intriguing trip back in time. On one hand there is no denying the adventurous and experimental nature of these early Progressive Rock tunes and yet at the same time much of the music is not complex at all. We go from the rather simple repeated chords and organ stabs of “While Growing My Hair” [4:07] to the more conventional “I Will Be Absorbed” [5:13]. Without over stating my own musical chops, there are many moments where the music of EGG can be appreciated simply for its startling simplicity. Keep in mind I don’t use the term simplicity to denigrate the music of EGG. This is music that sounds like you or I could have created it, and yet we didn’t. Songs are built on rolling percussive patters and highly repetitive organ arpeggios combined with ascending and descending lines all meshed together. While it may sound simplistic today, given we’ve listened to almost four decades of musical evolution since its creation, this album is an interesting trip back to 1970 and to hear music that was totally new for its day. This is such a great musical release in so many ways. Fans of the band EGG or the early Canterbury sound will find much enjoyment listening to this release. I urge you to investigate further.