Band: Galley Beggar

CD Title: Heathen Hymns

Website: www.galleybeggar.com

Label: Rise Above Records (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



Trying to put a label on Galley Beggars is a little like trying to nail Jello to the wall. Itís tough to do! The sound is a little like Folk Rock and bunch like Acid Folk and fair bit of Prog Folk. At times their music bristles with the sound of acoustic instruments and at other times they charge forward with electric psychedelia. Their female vocalist is sure to bring to mind bands such as Fotheringay and Fairport Convention and that would not be wrong. Heathen Hymns is the bandís fourth recording and features eight tunes ranging anywhere from three minutes to just over eight, a full forty-two minutes in total. Some of these songs float a little more to one style than the others. By that I mean some will be a little more folky and traditional and others will be a little more proggy and then others still get a little more seventies trippy. In fact itís that Psych influence that seems to come to the fore more often than not giving these tunes a kind of languid vibe while the proggy embellishments show up more in the song arrangements and the way they play out incorporating different musical shifts in structure. The female vocals give off a very pleasant and listenable feel, all of which tends to highlight the psychedelic-tinged guitar solos, all of which is laid over top of acoustic guitar segments interlaced into these musical compositions. Itís all very hazy and fits in quite well as I gaze upon the San Francisco psychedelic posters hanging on the wall. Nice. Recommended for music lovers who like to mix their prog with a little folk and a little psychÖyou know who you are.