Band: Gungfly

CD Title: On Her Journey to the Sun

Website: www.rikardsjoblom.com

Label: InsideOut Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Attention Beardfish musical fansÖ.hereís some new music to tide you over. Main man Rikard Sjoblom created Gungfly to be an outlet for his musical activities in between Beardfish releases. Now that Beardfish has called it a day as of 2016, Sjoblom, a relatively new father continues creating music as a solo endeavor. Surrounding himself with talented musicians his musical approach combines the best of all worlds. Thatís certainly the case with this new release On Her Journey to the Sun; there is a ton of great music on display and itís a whole bunch proggy by my estimation. In fact there is a distinct YES sound that pervades these eleven compositions that I havenít noticed on other albums. Itís mostly there is the style and tone of the guitar work but also in the arrangements and song structures especially on the track ďMy HeroĒ [7:46]. It sounds like a long lost YES track. Needless to say given his unique musical and vocal approach there is also very much a Beardfish quality you can hear, all of which makes these songs all sound quite amazing and thatís true of not only the longer songs but the short ones as well. Some of these songs hint at something more mainstream driven by wonderful melodies and traditional arrangements and yet even here musically you can expect surprises. The reality is Sjoblomís musical approach is fundamentally proggy, itís like he doesnít even have to try to make a song complex, it just develops that way. You end up with compositions that feature solos where you donít expect, changes in musical time and tempo you donít expect and repetitions or fade-outs where you donít expect. The music of Gungfly just keeps you guessing and musically comes across as very satisfying on so many levels. Needless to say Beardfish fans will be all over this new release but Iíd recommend it fans of all Proggy stripes. This is great stuff.