Band: Hedersleben

CD Title: Orbit

Website: www.hedersleben.com

Label: Purple Pyramid Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Sometimes I like to get it out in the open right off the bat. This new Hedersleben album sounds really great and is totally satisfying in every way. I was hooked by the end of the first two-minutes and forty-five seconds and I was not disappointed working my way through the albumís nine compositions running a total of thirty-five minutes. This San Francisco based musical outfit creates a stirring Space-Rock that hitís all the right notes. Itís nostalgic only in a sense that you can hear a direct musical linage from late sixties Psychedelic sounds and seventies bands like Hawkwind but then Hederslebenís music is so self-contained that it delivers a fresh take on those sonic vibes. As is their custom when they choose to have a vocalist add to the musical foundation the band recruits a new member and here those vocals, along with some great violin parts are supplied by Alicia Previn daughter of famed composer Andre Previn. Her ďoff-kilterĒ approach to concocting the tunes melody adds a delicious bit of irony to the music. As band members whirl and dive in furious threads of musical sounds she flies overtop, audibly resonant and sounding curiously confident. Itís very cool and uplifting in a way. The music itself as I say gets pretty thick at times, lotsí of spacey sonic layers blending together building ďfatĒ atmospheric textures all the while an individual solo lead instrument can often be heard tracing out a hummable melody. Great searing guitar lead lines, organ runs, sounds, voices and other sonic elements appear, inserted in odd places and yet it all seems to fit together. If I had one complaint, and itís an old bugaboo of mine, most of these tunes are in the three-minute range and too many of them are simply faded out for time. I like songs to have endings, when theyíre played live theyíll probably have endings and if you donít actually have an ending cross-fade with the next song please. I know itís just me. But hey if you are a fan of the Space Rock genre Hederslebenís new album Orbit will be a great addition to your collection. Recommended for those so inclined.