Band: Inside the Sound

CD Title: Wizardís Eyes

Website: https://insidethesound.bandcamp.com/album/wizards-eyes    

Label: Modern Rock Music (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



In case you didnít know it, Progressive Rock music is alive and well in the Ukraine! I offer you exhibit ďAĒ the latest album from Inside the Sound, the brainchild of guitarist Maxim Velychko. While he may be a new name to most if not all of us, he is well known inside his home country having performed with bands such as Modern Rock Ensemble, Karfagen and Sunchild. Fact is heís won top guitarist honors a few times and listening to the music on Wizardís Eyes you very quickly come to realize, this guy knows his chops. The album consists of eleven instrumental compositions clocking in at fifty three minutes with most of the tunes running around the five minute range, a couple shorter and a couple longer. Right off the bat I will tell you, one of the things I liked about this album was that it wasnít just a ďshred-fest.Ē There is certainly some of that here and there but there is a lot more. At times the music goes off in different musical directions and the songs themselves feature lots of musical change-ups and changing guitar sounds. Velychko seems just as at home playing the searing rock leads as he does the more detailed jazzy lines. The compositions are all more complex and grand in style and scope than you might imagine at first listen. By complex Iím referring to the constantly changing nature, fast to slow, start and stop, call and response, and even guitar interplay with the other performers. At times the music is very smooth and dreamy but that might just as easily be backed up with some crunchy riffs later on. So my guess is, if you enjoy the music of Liquid Tension or Dream Theaterís John Petrucci there will be a lot here for you to take in. Itís good stuff and recommended to guitar fans everywhere.