Band: Isproject

CD Title: The Archinauts

Website:  https://isprojectmusic.bandcamp.com/

Label:  AMS Records (2017)

Rating: Symphonic Prog Brilliance



Wow, for symphonic prog fans this is quite the album. Everything opens with the “Ouverture” [3:54] which sets the musical tone for the rest of this fifty-minute extravaganza. While listening I was often reminded of the symphonic best of melodic symphonic prog bands like Strawbs, Barclay James Harvest and perhaps Rick Wakeman’s New English Ensemble. What I really liked about the sound on The Archinauts was the spaciousness of the music and perhaps that has a lot to do with Fabio Zuffanti’s production approach. All seven of these compositions have lots of room to breathe and it allows the listener to focus on all of the instruments, acoustic and electric as they come and go. There’s some fascinating contrasts that I also appreciated. Several pieces go from some bluesy riffs straight into lush Mellotron strings or choirs. Clearly these contrasts represent the varied influences of the two driving forces behind the band; Ivan Santovito (vocals, keyboards) and Ilenia Salvemini (vocals) who’ve surrounded themselves with four skilled musicians capable of executing their vision. Sound wise in case you haven’t picked up on it, is lush classic mid-seventies symphonic prog, with equal number of guitar and keyboard synth lead lines culminating in grand swells of majestic music, composed with sweetly moving ascending lines and haunting descending themes all layered with classic Mellotron strings and choirs and delivered with beautiful male and female vocals. This is an amazing album. I loved every minute of it. These are very young musicians and it’s amazing to me how they’ve taken their diverse influences and distilled them into an album of Symphonic Prog brilliance. Highly Recommended