Band: Hadeon

CD Title: Sunrise

Website: www.hadeonband.com   

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: At their best when they downplay the Prog-Metal



Sunrise is the debut release for this young Italian band formed in 2014. Having already had more than their fair share of personnel changes along the way this first release features seven compositions and comes in at just under fifty minutes of music. Their promo material identifies them as a Prog-Metal band although to my ears they sound more like heavy prog that sound-wise has more in common with bands like Pendragon or perhaps Jadis. Itís a heavy-prog that comes as grand and expansive when it wants to and then just easily can be soft and almost, just a bit, romantic. Fortunately for a heavy band, with two guitarists, the keyboards play quite a prominent role and thatís just one of the things that sets Hadeon apart from others in that overly crowded Prog-Metal genre. Like the bands mentioned above, Hadeonís compositional approach demonstrates a broad dynamic range with moody, inviting interludes punctuated by punchy guitar chords. Every-so-often weíre treated to some really nice keyboard and guitar interplay. This is their first time effort but even at that they seem to have a nice handle on the kind Progressive Rock music they want to make. But, to my ears theyíre at their best when they downplay the Prog-Metal aspect of their music. If I might make a humble suggestion, I think Hadeon would do well to continue to work on material that emphasizes their melodies and keyboards just a little bit more. I think if they do that they have much to offer the world of Progressive Rock. That said, this is a really strong first time effort and clearly Hadeon are a band to keep an eye on.