Band: Gazpacho

CD Title: Soyuz

Website: www.gazpachoworld.com 

Label: KScope (2018)

Rating: A very satisfying listen


The six-member Norwegian Prog band Gazpacho are back with a new album entitled Soyuz and itís everything great youíd expect from a band that has a really strong track record of producing hypnotic and at times sonically challenging symphonic influenced Progressive Rock music. Iíve seen words like ďtenseĒ and ďsinisterĒ thrown around to describe the music crafted by Gazpacho. Iíd also add mesmerizing and melancholy that could easily apply to parts of these eight tunes. Clocking in at forty-seven minutes we get short songs and long songs, but itís the overall feel that dominates obscuring the actual length of each song by creating some very captivating grand scale productions. The predominant mood of the music is tentative and halting which is then mixed with haunting elements and dreamy delivery.  Then all of these elements are fused with layers of detailed symphonic styled orchestrations displaying a dramatic and majestic tone that recurs throughout the disc. You canít help but feel this is a big-production and while itís clear Gazpacho donít sound like anyone else, if you are a fan of bands like Pineapple Thief, well this will be right up your alley. There is a lot to like about Soyuz and to my mind thereís no question itís a great addition to the bandís catalog and youíre library. Itís a very satisfying listen that never disappoints and offers up plenty of musical surprises. I really liked it a lot. Recommended.