Band: IWKC

CD Title: Hladikarna

Website: www.iwkc.ru

Label: BNiL (2017)

Rating: Some amazingly eclectic music with more than a little Prog influence


Hladikarna will now be the third musical endeavor Iíve had the opportunity review from the Russian outfit calledIWKC which if you remember stands for I Will Kill Chita. It must be said that IWKC are a very eclectic band when it comes to the music they perform. Each release has tended to be quite different. Sometimes they sound like a symphonic outfit, sometimes a little heavier and sometimes a bit jazzy. They are really hard to pin down style-wise. So it should come as no surprise that Hladikarna is different yet again. This time weíre treated to eight compositions clocking in at forty-three minutes with three tunes over the six minute mark and overall thereís a heavier, psychedelic feel that is blended with a bit of industrial Krautrock, which is then inserted into compositions that display a distinct proggy vibe. Big booming distorted bass lines crash into churning rhythm guitar riffs all colliding into some hypnotic groove laden tunes. These guys seem to work especially hard playing music that is difficult to pin down stylistically. All that said, its music that bears all the hallmarks of Prog, with its changing dynamics, shifting time and tempo, its start and stop approach, not to mention the fact they incorporate all those other musical influences. The music of IWKC is intriguing to say the least in that you really are never sure what you might hear next. Bottom line is, hidden deep in the music of IWKC is a full-fledged Prog band that is trying to get out and be heard. Whether that will ever happen remains to be seen. It could go either way. Till then Iím enjoying what I hear.