Band: Glass Hammer

CD Title: Chronomonaut

Website: www.glasshammer.com  

Label: Arion Records (2018)

Rating: Classy Symphonic Prog incorporating lots of new influences.



Over the past seventeen albumsí weíve come to expect the unexpected from TennesseeísGlass Hammer, and here we go with album number eighteen and once again theyíre throwing us a few curves. With this many musical adventures already released the band clearly have their own musical style and compositional approach but even so the band have always tended to wear their musical influences on their sleeves. Sometimes itís more of a YES feel other times Genesis and then ELP. All of which I find quite endearing about their sound. This brings us to Chronomonaut, a stand-alone release but also a follow-up to their 2000 release Chronometree. This lyrical story line picks up where that one left off and involves some time travel back into the seventies. So now we get to whatís unique about this musical outing and that is that to my ears the primary stylistic influence here seems to be a seventies styled Beatles feel both in terms of compositional style and lyrical approach. That along with the incorporation of various horn sections makes this a very different Glass Hammer sound all together. Every so often we still hear the lap-steel guitar, organ sounds and the trebly bass lines but itís these other influences that elevate this music into another space. At times you might not even realize itís Glass Hammer you are listening to. All of which is well and good, being as the seventy minutes of music, which by the way is made up of twelve compositions, features loads of wonderfully musical elements. Masterminds Steve Babb and Fred Schendel as assisted here by thirteen additional talented performers all making for quite that epic musical adventure. So even with all the new and different musical elements on display on Chronomonaut, this is an easy recommendation for Glass Hammer and Symphonic Prog fans everywhere.