Band: ifsounds

CD Title: An Gorta Mor

Website: www.ifsounds.com

Label: Melodic Revolution Records (2018)

Rating: It may take a couple listens Ė but the Prog is there.



The origins of this Italian band go back to 1993 when they were still playing cover tunes from bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd and the Police. Flash forward through many line-up changes and awards and we come to 2009 where they adopt the name ifsounds and continue to develop their sound infusing more and more proggy elements. That was followed up by some more personnel changes, some additional musical recognition all of which brings us to An Gorta Mor, the bandís sixth album. This forty-minute CD consists of five compositions including the twenty-two minute epic title track. The album features a wide range of the bandís earlier influences which results in kind of a unique musical sound that offers up a blend of Art-Rock mixed with Alt-Prog. Included are three shorter songs that touch on more alternative rock vibes. At first listen itís a very different, almost raw style that hitís you first. The recording gives off a kind of demo feel, but I get the impression that they wanted it that way. The vocals are far removed from traditional proggy styles instead sounding rougher and full of expression, a style found more in the Alt-Prog side of things. Itís an intriguing sound that ifsounds has developed and it will take a listen or two to get over the more extreme stylistic aspects of their music but thereís no denying the prog influences in their music, especially in the opening and closing tracks. Itís music you may need to spend some time with to fully appreciate. All the more reason to checkíem out.