Band: The Intersphere

CD Title: The Grand Delusion

Website: www.theintersphere.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Wonderful Heavy Melodic Modern Prog


The Grand Delusion is the new release from the German band The Intersphere a quartet that creates music that falls in-between the genres of Alt-Prog and Art Rock. They have been on the music scene since 2006 and this is the bandís fourth release and musically it has a lot in common with the music created by others such as ACT, Muse, and Pineapple Thief. This is what I would describe as very modern prog, with plenty of up-tempo riffs and melodies all packed into songs either three or four minutes in length. The whole album is fifty-one minutes long consisting of twelve individual compositions. Like the other bands mentioned the musical approach here is full of loud explosive song segments mixed with many softer passages. Throw in plenty of pounding musical accents and once again it makes for some infectious listening. Like their previous releases I was hooked after just one listen. I just like their sound, where each tune features soft and delicate parts that are blasted apart with very catchy melodies at the chorus. Iím reminded of the afore mentioned Pineapple Thief and maybe even Porcupine Tree only not quite so dark. There is a real intensity and huge dynamic range here that sets youíre your foot tapping and yet with each listen you discover more and more musical depth in both performance and arrangements. As before the playing is tight and furious and I canít help but recommend The Intersphere to all lovers of modern Progressive Rock with a heavy-melodic touch.