Band: Kris Gietkowski

CD Title: Symmetric Communication

Website: http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/symmetric.html

Label: Fruits de Mer Records (2018)

Rating: This Will be a Delight for Canterbury Prog Fans


Heads-up all you lovers of Canterbury Prog, here is the latest from Kris Gietkowski. So let me start by saying no one loves the Canterbury sound more than Gietkowski. I previously reviewed his album that displayed his musical interpretations of Egg’s album The Polite Force and here he’s back with three tunes that in many ways perpetuate that musical genre with his own personal spin. These three instrumentals, one twenty minutes, one eight minutes and the last eleven minutes bear all the hallmarks of music from the early seventies created by such bands as Egg, Hatfield and the North, Caravan and so on. These are long songs, full of changing musical segments, building in intensity and ebbing away. In many ways it’s a “simple” music hearkening back to a “simpler” time musically. The playing style isn’t focused on intricacy. Instead, repeating riffs and tones are the order of the day as the music, which in-and-of itself is not overly intricate and yet it’s all constructed in so many layers that there is certainly a complexity at work. What is most outstanding is that this is music that avoids density. Instrumentation is full and complete but at its core it’s bass, drums, guitar and keyboards played together allowing for plenty of room for the music to breathe. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, the music is trippy and seventies one minute, light and jazzy the next and then it just as quickly becomes, well, timeless. I find the music of Gietkowski both nostalgic through his use of certain guitar and keyboard sounds and playing styles and yet it’s also music of a, as I say, timeless quality because of its totally unique history and origins. This is a great addition to his growing catalog of music which I find very captivating. Canterbury fans should obviously delight in the wonderful music on Symmentric Communication.