Band: Grice

CD Title: One Thousand Birds

Website:  http://www.gricemusic.co.uk/

Label:  Hungersleep Records (2019)

Rating: Eclectic, Haunting and Really Good



Listening to the latest musical release from South London-born Art Rock musician Grice words like hypnotic, introspective, melancholy and even atmospheric all come to mind to varying degrees. We’re treated to a full seventy-three minutes of music on One Thousand Birds, thirteen compositions that range anywhere from three minutes to over nine. A myriad of instruments from cello, viola, trumpet and French horn all add their unique musical-flavours to the usual guitars, drums and keyboards to make for some haunting compositions that defy traditional compositional structure. Yet for all that experimentation Grice inserts some very tasty melodies that make many of these songs quite hummable and memorable. They’re the kind of tunes that come to mind days later and you wonder – Where did I hear that? Grice is a really gifted song writer as well as performer eschewing the conventional for something a little more Arty and subtly complex. And I really like and appreciate that. I’ve made this sonic reference before; I put the music of Grice in the same stylistic category as Tim Bowness, No-Man and Steven Wilson and yet his music is very much his own not a copy of those mentioned. It always takes me a few listens to really come to appreciate Grice’s new music but it’s always quite rewarding and enjoyable the more time I spend with it. He’s really come into his own with the release of One Thousand Birds and if you have yet to give his music a listen I urge you to do so post-haste.