Band: Karda Estra

CD Title: Mondo Profondo

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


Listening to the music of Karda Estra is always a unique experience. Their music is almost instantly recognizable and entirely unique to the music makers, key of which is main man, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist Richard Wileman. Since 1998 the group made up of a rotating group of performers has under his direction toiled away in the studio to produce ten albums and Mondo Profondo is the bandís eleventh release. And here once again, Wileman has surrounded himself with up to 13 different instrumentalists and vocalists to help execute his musical vision. Typically these are acoustic instruments ranging from violins and cellos to clarinets and trumpets. As on previous releases the music is both cinematic and symphonic.    


Mondo Profondo consists of six tracks and is speedy listen coming in at thirty-six minutes total.  Itís actually packaged with a remix of the bandís previous releaseNew Worlds, so there is still a lot of music here. If youíve never listened to Karda Estra before youíre in for a real treat. The music comes out of the symphonic Chamber Rock school but is presented in a lusher, cinematic style. This is music that evokes images of your favorite movies. Iíd say itís impossible to listen to the music on Mondo Profondo without thinking of different movie scenes youíve seen over the years or perhaps inventing new ones while you listen. The music is at times haunting and tentative and at other times richly and sweepingly symphonic. When I listen my head is filled with images or space ships hurtling through the inky darkness of space or sometimes the stealthy work of an intrepid espionage agent. For a little change-up Wileman has injected a kind Burt Bacharach sixties vibe into the title track ďMondo Profondo 1Ē [5:36] which is reminiscent of movie music heard on soundtracks of that era. Itís a little more upbeat and major-chord for Karda Estra demonstrating theyíre not a one-trick-pony.


Fans of symphonic progressive rock and Chamber prog will certainly want to add Mondo Profondo to their collection. The unique musical approach of Karda Estra is a worthy addition to the musical collection and if for some reason youíve not yet heard the band, do check them out. Its great stuff and I recommend it.