Band: LoreWeaveR

CD Title: Italic

Website: https://www.facebook.com/loreweaverband

Label: Musea Records (2014)



It’s fair to say the Progressive Metal genre has pretty much established itself around the world, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear of an Italian band performing in this genre. But then again there’s Progressive Metal and then there’s Prog Metal. It’s a subtle and nearly invisible distinction but I’m making it my tipping point here because LoreWeaveR, a band that came together in 2008 play a heavy, Prog Metal inspired music that displays more intricacy than you might expect.  Fronted by female vocalist Barbara Rubin this quintet have released their long awaited sophomore release entitled Italic and yes it has plenty of guitar crunch, but given that the six compositions are all six-minutes or longer the musical virtuosity on display is quite varied. Whereas the first track “Rigor Mortis” [7:34] presents itself as very much a Prog Metal song, the second in the lineup “My Freedom” [11:58] is more heavy symphonic. I hope that doesn’t burst any Prog Metal balloons, because to my ears the grand sweeping musical approach on track two opens up the music to fans outside the heavier genres even while the band manage to insert the heavy-ness. While there’s no question the guitars play a major role in the band’s sound, keyboards are very much a part of the LoreWeaveR sound too, be they sonic soundscapes, or keyboard orchestrations. The results provide musical compositions that are grand and sweeping in nature, larger than life if you will. The band close out the album with their epic “The River Suite” [15:57] once again showing they are more than just a heavy handed band, offering up some wonderful atmospheric interludes in and around their more aggressive tendencies. It is true I said I was going to reviewing fewer Prog Metal outfits in the new year, but the fact is LoreWeaveR are musically so much more and I think there’s a big audience out there who will appreciate the music on Italic. Do check it out.