Band: Karda Estra

CD Title: Future Sounds EP

Website: www.kardaestra.co.uk

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Some time back Karda Estra main man Richard Wileman said the band was going to make an effort in releasing more music more often and here he makes good on that promise with the release of a second EP entitled Future Sounds just a few months after releasing Strange Relations. The new disc features six tracks clocking in at twenty-five minutes and if youíve listened to Karda Estra in the past there are no surprises here. In fact without being predictable the music on this release is quite familiar: itís symphonic in a Chamber-Rock style. Words like haunting, hesitant, floating, creepy are all adjectives that come to mind in trying to describe these compositions. In fact it seems to me that there is a more than usual effort at making the music on this release just a little more on the ďspookyĒ side with loads of minor notes and plenty of diminished chords. Three of these six songs come in at the around five-minutes in length while the other three are even shorter but the length of the song has never been an issue with Karda Estra itís about creating a preponderance of ominous mood-scapes that are then either resolved with major chords or just as often left hanging in space, unresolved. Iíve often equated Karda Estraís music to soundtrack score, although here on Future Sounds thatís not always so obvious. There are moments within each composition where that could easily be the case, but just as often these six compositions hang together with complex melody lines creating their own audio-worlds. Different, yet the same, that kind of sums up the music of Karda Estra and so itís an easy recommendation to all symphonic prog fans who like a little minor dissonance thrown in to spice things up.