Band: Kyrant

CD Title: Symptoms EP

Website: www.kyrant.com  

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



This is the first music I’ve heard from the Danish-Polish trio calling themselves Kyrant. Kitting themselves with the classic instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums, they power their way through these three tunes with a kind of skilled confidence. All I know about the band is that they came together in early 2016 and set out to create instrumental music that incorporates rock, blues and jazzy influences. The songs themselves aren’t that overly long, two in the five minute range and one shorter. The total running time of these three compositions is a mere fourteen minutes. Their composition “World Collapsing” has a strong early Fleetwood Mac influence, back when Fleetwood Mac was a band of some musical influence, like around their first album. As such that British blues-rock influence is quite strong through all these tracks, but it is contrasted by the band’s ability to play against itself. They build riff upon riff in ascending lines only to climax and shift gears. So it’s a kind of complex instrumental music that delivers different vibes, different atmospheres, and different tones without making the effort to be complex just for the sake of complexity. As a first time effort, this is pretty intriguing stuff and I look forward to hearing more from Kyrant. From this little musical tease I think there’s greatness here.