Band: Jet Black Sea

CD Title: Absorption Lines

Website:  https://jetblacksea.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Freia Music (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Absorption Lines is the second studio recording for Jet Black Sea a musical project that is an outgrowth of the band Nine Stones Close. As such, like on their debut this is very different music. This sophomore release features seven mostly instrumental compositions clocking in at forty-five minutes of music that are a mix of different sound elements and stylistic approaches. Borrowing from their promo material this is music that is “dark, experimental, ambient and progressive.” Now having said that Jet Black Sea are very good at crafting sonic soundscapes that create haunting aural vistas upon which they layer guitars, spoken word and various synth sounds all to good effect. The atmosphere is moody and dynamic. The music will build to dramatic crescendos creating some amazing accents or shift points. Then at other times it forms the spacey musical backdrop to the sound of astronaut’s communication from outer space. The sonic layers created by a variety of keyboard modules create a dreamy, drifting mood while the guitars, both acoustic and electric drift in and out of the frame. At times that spaciness takes on a cathedral like approach recreating a vast and majestic panorama that is then punctuated by searing guitar lines. There are more than a few times where the musical style hearkens back to early seventies or late sixties Pink Floyd. All in all this is a very satisfying listen that sounds really cool.