Band: Khan Tengri

CD Title: KT2

Website:  https://thegatelessgate.bandcamp.com/album/kt2

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is the second independent album release for the Canadian based Khan Tengri which is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Allister Thompson. These ten compositions, which together clock in at just about fifty-four minutes of music straddle that fine line between late era Psychedelic and early Progressive Rock. As such it has much in common with those early seventies bands such as Pink Floyd, Agitation Free, Hawkwind and Popol Vuh. There are even two covers on this set, one from each of those latter two bands. All that said there is much to recommend Prog fans here from the longer songs that ramble through changing permutations featuring loads of strummed, repetitive acoustic guitars and Mellotron styled icy strings. You’ll hear electric guitar lead lines playing off layers of keyboard orchestrations, rising slowly and surely to ever increasing tension before subsiding in waves of release. Most of these songs are the type that draw you into a web of sonic vibes. Layers of moody, atmospheric sonic tones drone while the electric guitar lazily plays a lead line building tension all of which comes together in dramatic, brooding fashion. Rather than hitting you over the head with bombast they beckon you in. Symphonic prog fans will find much to appreciate with the music on KT2 as it manages to hit all the right notes in my mind. I really like the psychedelic-prog mash-up created by Khan Tengri and the structure and arrangment of the music is complicated enough to certainly keep prog fans intrigued about what was coming next. Great stuff…a nice find. Check’em out.