Band: Kilbey Kennedy

CD Title: Glow and Fade

Website:  https://www.kilbeykennedy.com/  

Label:  Golden Robot Records (2017)

Rating: Enchanting



I seem to be listening to a lot of music these days that is spacey in nature, take for example this disc, the firth album from the duo of Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy. For those of you who like to keep track, Kilbey, a former member of Australia’s The Church, is a prolific solo artist with 14 albums under his belt while Kennedy’s music has been featured in various television soundtracks for programs such as CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, The Lying Game and many more. So what you have here is a combining of that spacey, atmospheric, electronically inspired sound score feel with a more straight forward singer-songwriter approach. It gets the most prog inspired on the long and sprawling “The Game Never Changes” [16:47] made up of many different musical motifs stitched together. It’s kinda’ worth the price of admission by itself but the other pieces are actually very engaging as well each of them betraying more than a little Pink Floyd inspiration, you know, the dreamy, drifting vocals, sung over layers of keyboards slowly shifting chords in a kind of repetitive, arpeggio fashion. Sometimes get pretty upbeat and up-tempo as well displaying a nod to an eighties dance ethic, but underlying it all is a musical sophistication that I think elevates these tunes to another level. All said and done, with appropriate nods to the past as well as the future, in terms of sonic approach, I have to say I really quite liked all sides of Kilbey Kennedy and have no problem recommending it to fans of both spacey, melodic Progressive Rock as well as fans of electronic inspired progressive pop songs.